12 Hours of Comfort on-board Air India's non-stop Dreamliner service to Delhi

The Aircraft

Operating out of Sydney and Melbourne, Air India’s non-stop flight to Delhi on the new Dreamliner makes travel between Australia and India a ‘dream’.

The Dreamliner cabins are notoriously spacious, with larger storage space and fresher air; due to the cabin pressure being the equivalent of 6,000ft as opposed to the conventional 7,500-8,000ft which is often to blame for in-flight annoyances such as sinus pain, headaches, fatigue and body aches and pains. This means that the Dreamliner’s atmosphere is much closer to what you’d experience on the ground – making for a much easier passage of flight and the likelihood of jetlag lessened. You definitely disembark feeling less dehydrated and fresher.

We were wowed by the much larger windows with digital dimming, the light, bright interior meaning the environment once again mimics ground conditions and compliments the spacious environment – the sense of space with higher ceilings, recessed storage and larger seats really ensure you don’t feel like you’re crammed into a claustrophobic environment like many long haul flights do.

You’ll notice upon take-off right through until landing, how much quieter the Dreamliner is, also aiding a less stressful flight experience.

The Service

One fabulous and often undocumented benefit of Air India is their in-flight staff. Always warm, kind and efficient, almost motherly – making it much easier to travel with children, as we did. Required amenities were always available and food service was cleared promptly - and always with a smile.

The food service was spread out evenly over the 12 hours, with ample dishes offered in both Indian and International cuisine and vegetarian, chicken and lamb options. There was also a good selection of drinks including spirits, wine and beer. As has been previously documented in other articles, one surprising benefit of the lower cabin pressure is that the food tastes better, I can confirm that this is indeed true!

In conclusion, the combination of the non-stop service, the aircraft and Air India’s service makes this route a memorable one. Gaura Travel recommends that you try it for yourself on your next trip to India!

Air India operates 3 flights from Melbourne and 4 flights from Sydney each week.


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