There's no place like home with Gaura Travel & Jet Airways

It’s surprising how quickly conversations turn to our home countries or cities when we meet people from a shared background. Reminiscing about childhood, growing up, addas, food etc. leads to an inevitable longing to visit. Moving abroad has its own charm but is also rife with challenges and uncertainties which most of us deal with alone. It brings out a warrior we didn’t know existed inside of us. As we integrate more into the nuances of the new culture and try to build a life here, the ubiquitous thought of home always lingers at the back of our minds.
Gaura Travel is a multi-award winning travel agency based in Australia and has multiple offices and 24/7 contact centres in the Indian subcontinent. ‘Gaura’ in Sanskrit means golden and is the hallmark of the company’s genuine approach and has been serving the Indian diaspora for the past 10 years. With strong belief in the power of family and spending time with loved ones, the company specialises in connecting families. In a time when the travel industry is characterised by turbulence and travel agents are shutting down, Gaura Travel has proved its trustworthiness through service excellence and strong customer focus. With high community engagement and transparent operations, the company has proved that it is here to stay.
Jet Airways is a world-class airline known for its superior services and socially responsible initiatives to support the underprivileged members of the society. Over the years they have achieved phenomenal success while ensuring the highest standards of quality. Jet Airways flies to 21 international destinations and 47 destinations within India. The strategic alliance between Jet Airways and Etihad Airways recorded a 63% surge in passengers travelling between Abu Dhabi and India in 2015. This alliance has opened new sectors making destinations more accessible.
Gaura Travel and Jet Airways have worked closely together for a number of years. They were principle sponsors for the My Light Diwali Carnival event hosted by Australian Indian Innovations Inc. in October 2016. This Indian community event bought together thousands of Indians despite of poor weather conditions. Balloon artists raised up a storm for kids with exciting balloon twisting at the Gaura and Jet stall. Co-operation between organizations of repute and stature makes their commitment stronger and performance better. 2017 marks the 10th Anniversary for Gaura Travel and as is customary there will be celebrations and events galore. Watch out for exciting announcements and offers as they successfully march into 2017.
Gaura Travel is your best way home and Jet Airways brings to you the joy of flying.
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