The World is Waiting

Travel opens up our eyes to so much more than we already know. It’s an adventure to experience cultures and perspectives that we are bereft of in our own homes. Travel is integral to growth and that in turn is integral to evolution. As Pico Iyer famously said “we travel to become young fools again”. Tourism enriches a destination through increased employment opportunities and income creation. Local businesses thrive and the overall quality of life is greatly improved. The traveler is introduced to diversity, jolted out of the comfort zone, exposed to cultural differences and international issues and in general is made more aware. Sustainable development of a destination and immersive experiences for the traveler is the best Win-Win situation that comes to my mind. 
Access to a destination is one of the pillars of tourism development. Increasingly airlines are adding new sectors and more flights in their flight schedules. According to the UNWTO barometer, 956 million tourists had traversed the world between January and September 2016. As the year draws to a close, it is but natural to look back and reflect on the major events and how they have reshaped our world for the better, or otherwise. I am certain that we can agree that the year has been noteworthy for a very large part of the world. Despite occasional shocks the tourism industry has shown steady growth proving the resilient streak in humans. 
Adding another feather to its cap Gaura Travel was awarded the prestigious “Top Producing Agent 2016” award by Singapore Airlines for the fifth year in a row. As the company progresses into its 10th year of operations the passion to continually grow is stronger. Gaura plans to make exciting offers with the aim to delight customers and undertake initiatives to further its focus on the community and social issues. 
So, let’s resolve to leave footprints on many beaches and mountains across the globe in 2017; to learn more about other cultures and reconnect with nature. Let’s be responsible in our ways and respect the planet and humanity. Let’s travel because the world needs it.
Gaura Travel wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May our hearts be warm this festive season and the weather... Oh well Melbourne!
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